Using Magnets to Heal, Is It Possible?

Based on the research of people such as Albert Roy Davis, Walter C. Rawls and many others the use of magnets has become a field of recovery which should be more’mainstream’ but to the day is treated with the medical profession as’fringe quack medicine’. This topic is vast and would require an entire text to do the topic justice, however I will attempt to give you a’taste’ of what’s possible when using magnets to treat the body naturally. The therapeutic use of stationary magnets has gained approval for treating a number of bodily, cardiovascular and neuro-musculoskeletal issues issues that range from pain relief to getting the capacity to prevent heart attacks.

The applications of unipolar and bipolar static magnets, as well as other kinds of magnetic therapy’s including the highly researched pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) have been investigated as well before the turn of this century. Magnets have an effect on the body simply because when you think about what it is made of (mainly minerals and water ), are ionic molecules (a charged atom or molecule), so they carry an electrical charge and also have positive and negative rods. This is important if you remember back to the days of your early youth science experiments which used magnets to display the’areas’ they create using iron filings. These very same fields can have an immediate impact on the body.

Even after all of the research that has been done with magnets, it is still not completely clear about how they operate. It’s just known that they have an effect on human anatomy that has been replicated and been shown to have an effect on the biochemical chain of events that occur in the body. 1 particular effect has to do with the way minerals as well as water are used in soft tissue after injury and in the standard everyday biochemical processes that occur on a daily basis. [1,2] Because particular magnets have those effects on the entire body, they were shown in one study to delay, and sometimes dramatically reduce acute neuronal swelling after the injection of chemicals that overstimulate nerve tissue. [3]

The activity that a magnetic field has on the body reduces the excitotoxic, hyperexcitability and the retention of fluids that happens at the cellular level involving the effected cells due to trauma. The pain that is associated with post traumatic events such as slamming your finger in a car door isn’t restricted to a easy string of events. With this in mind, and knowing magnets can modulate many systems in the human body, particularly after a traumatic event, they can help prevent the biochemical cascade that occurs after the actuality. Pendaftaran agen nasa

The human cell is a very complex anatomical thing which can be affected on several levels. Trauma can cause modifications in the pure motion of ion-channel proteins, it can also bring about physical changes in the lipid (a kind of fat) bilayer the makes up the cell wall and which inhibits the inward movement of ions and water. The good thing is that if you act right away after a traumatic event by placing magnets on the affected area it may have a substantial clinical effect. [4]

Many researchers have looked at the use of magnetic fields (SMF) in animals and in humans; in 1 animal study it was discovered that SMF’s influenced the magnetic fields of some inner organs of the test subject. It was also discovered that a magnets orientation throughout the treatment period could have an impact on blood chemistry in addition to organ function. [5]

Other possible uses for magnets include their use in treating circulatory issues whereby magnets were shown to decrease the thickness, viscosity and the flow of blood. An article in’Science magazine’ that was published in 2011 discusses the use of magnets for this objective.

In doing a few of my personal study on companies that sell simply magnets, I found that there are many companies that are only sellers of their genuine physical magnets, and do not have some knowledge of their use in regards to what is discussed above. Then there are individuals who sell magnets for therapeutic usage, many of which do not have the clinical practice or specialized background to be in a position to have an educated conversation as to how they should be used responsibly. I did speak to one business owner that provided me with some insight that I could not find elsewhere. 1 great nugget of info he shared with me was that many business’s products are not oriented properly. There is a gap between both and polar North; a lot of these goods being sold on the web are oriented toward polar North. Their site also has a Great Deal of Fantastic information on it that I also found to be very helpful

Please keep in mind that there’s a science to this, and as it is with the body when it comes to healing, it’s virtually never a one dimensional strategy. Actual recovery will need a multidimensional methodology which may also contain using magnets.


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