How to Train Your Cat Like a Dog

Everyone thinks that pet cats can not be educated. However study at Cornell University’s Feline Health Center exposes in contrast evidence. “Although cats have a really little mind, their brain-to-body-weight proportion is much better than that of any type of various other residential animal,” according to Katherine A. Houpt, a veterinarian and Ph.D

How to Train Your Cat Like a Dog

. A dog proprietor who brings a kitten into the house must recognize that pet dogs as well as pet cats discover differently. Pet dogs are pack animals that intend to please “the leader.” Cats, on the various other hand, find out by observation as well as interest. Their incentive is not pleasing you, but pleasing themselves.

It’s important to train a cat. In situation of an emergency, every home family pet should react to 2 security commands: “Come,” as well as “Stay.” After that, to secure both furniture and human health, it’s important to educate “Get down.” No one desires cat hair on their kitchen counters, or a sensitive guest sharing the living-room couch with Fluffy.


It’s vital to appreciate the cat’s standard dignity. Nothing offends a cat greater than being made fun of. Although professional fitness instructors have actually shown felines to dive right into water or dive with a hoop fired, these techniques are not only unsafe but offensive.


Instead, focus your initiatives on those behaviours pet cats do normally. Enjoy your kittycat at play and take benefit of his or her natural actions. Before you begin to award excellent behavior, see to it you don’t unintentionally reinforce what you do not want the cat to do.

Use your cat’s name only when you’re applauding him or her. Begin by linking positive behavior you intend to strengthen with the word “great” as well as the cat’s name. Do this dozens of times a day, duplicating “Good Fluffy,” every time she uses the can, as she washes her face or paws, when she rests silently on your lap, comes close to the damaging message you’ve given, or has fun with her toys as opposed to your things.


When I initially brought Simon house from the Gatineau SPCA, I utilized his routine food as an incentive. When he sat anywhere near his dish, I petted him, claimed the single word, “sit,” as well as provided him food. He promptly understood that food appeared if he rested next to his dish!

I additionally began to utilize words “excellent Simon,” whenever he did what I desired him to.

If you constrain your new kitten to one room including the cat’s food, water as well as litterbox, she will certainly welcome human companionship, so it will be easy to educate “come” by stating that word whenever she goes to welcome you as you unlock. She’ll soon connect the word “come” with play, petting and food.

From the get go, I suggest holding your kitten on your shoulder. Pet cats such as this position, given that they can see over your back, as well as it leaves one hand complimentary to open up a door if you’re bring the cat from one place to one more.


Reinforce the “keep” command while Fluffy gets on your shoulder. Hold her gently however firmly while stroking as well as comforting her if she wriggles a bit.

After your kitten has started ahead when you call her, as well as to continue to be on your shoulder, you can begin to enable her to explore beyond her limited domain.

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