5 Super Healthy Food List (Delicious and Delightful)

Anything that you consume defines how your body health is going. Therefore, choosing healthy meals are important to ensure you always have a fit body and fully functioned digestive system. Unlike the common believe, healthy food list are not always dull and boring.

Some foods can be directly eaten but most of them should be processed first by cooking it. Here are 5 super healthy foods which are surprisingly have great taste and nutrition.

Fish as the First Option

Fishes are well-known for their rich nutrition and they are so delicious.

Beside their tasteful meat, fishes are useful to supply iodine and omega-3 fatty acid inside human body. Most people don’t get enough supply for these two nutrition and fishes are here to help cover the problem.

Moreover, a study shows that people who eat fish regularly tend to have a lower probability to get some fatal diseases like dementia, heart attack, and depression. They tend to live a longer and happy life than those who rarely eat fishes.

A vegetable as the Most Common Suggestion

Healthy Food List

  • Carrots

It is a very popular root vegetable which can be cooked in several ways. Inside their playful orangey color, they contain a lot of nutrients such as vitamin K, carotene oxidants, and fiber.

  • Cucumber

Cucumber mostly consists of water but they still have nutrition that your body need like vitamin K. Eat a cucumber to avoid dehydration and make your skin smoother.

  • Broccoli

Who doesn’t know this greenly vegetable? This cruciferous vegetable contains vitamin C, vitamin K, fiber, and protein. They are usually cooked first but some people love to eat them raw. Both are still delicious.

Grains, the Third Choice that Sparks Controversy

The next in our healthy food list is grains. Grains are disregarded as a source of nutrition in paleo diet.

However, it is not true that all grains are the enemy for our body. There are several types of grains and most of them are healthy plus provide sufficient healthy.

The common type of grain is rice. It is regarded as the staple food for most people in Asia. The healthiest type of rice is the brown one. It has proper amount of vitamin B, fiber, and magnesium.

The next is oats. They are delightful and healthy. You can mix them with yogurt or milk. They contain beta-glucans, a very powerful fiber. However, if you have a low carb diet, it is recommended for you not to eat several kinds of grain.

Meat for Powerful and Tasty Dishes

The common misconception of said that all kind of meat must be avoided. This is so wrong because not all meat is harmful. With appropriate cooking techniques, you can turn meat into the most nutritious and healthy food you can ever get.

Try chicken breast first because it can be easily found in local groceries. Chicken breast contains low fat and calories, but it has a high protein that beneficial for our body.

For variations of healthy food list, go for lamb meat. Lambs are usually feed on grass so their meats are healthy. They contain Omega-3 fatty acids and other kinds of proteins.

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