Gratitude – The Key to Success

The Key to Success

I saw a post now on Facebook that said,”Imagine if you woke up today with only what you thanked God for yesterday?” And it compelled me to pause and think. Am I thankful for what I have, or do I tend to search for”greener grass?” That is when I knew I needed to write this report.

You can change your own life with a single idea.

This one believed can:

• Create great wealth

• Restore health and also heal disease

• Unlock your greatest potential

• Forge and strengthen deep abiding love

• Inspire great joy to the point of bliss

Scripture tells us”For as [a guy ] thinks within himself, therefore he is.” (Proverbs 23:7 NAS95)

For this reason, it is crucially important that we watch what thoughts we allow ourselves to think. Pretty easy, right? Our lives are a product of our thought process.

So what are we expecting? Why does one person have a different expectation than another? Our THOUGHTS push our expectation. Whatever we are thinking about becomes what we expect to take place. This is the reason the great self-improvement books have centered on the ability of ideas. Of all the ideas you control and experience, there is one which can profoundly transform your life on a daily basis. What is it? Gratitude.

How can gratitude transform our lives?

Our head is bombarded with thousand of bits of data every second, so it filters out everything it is not actively searching for.

As a rule of thumb, our thoughts looks for what’s wrong, lacking or missing in our surroundings. Its primary job is to steer clear of risk and ensure our survival with threat-assessment emotions such as anxiety, hesitation and suspicion. But if we permit ourselves to become obsessed with these negative thoughts, they start to dominate our mind and become our own expectations. Since we begin to anticipate negative we begin to create negative in our own life.

But we CAN stop the organic unfavorable trend of our mind by redirecting it towards prosperity and what’s positively possible by focusing it on what we’re grateful for. Almost instantly your life can alter its trajectory.

This simple shift can revolutionize your world and all that you can create inside.

You see and experience exactly what you search for. Sound too simple?

Take this easy test: In the room where you are sitting today, count the number of red items that you see. Notice as many as possible. How many items did you count? Now without looking again-eyes closed- just how many things in the room do you recall were blue? You probably can’t recall many at all. Why? Since the very first time you were not looking for them, thus you didn’t see them. In your very first reality they did really exist in any way.

An attitude of gratitude opens up your mind to focus on the positive and ultimately see, find and make more of the same. As a result, you may experience more abundance, wealth, well-being, love, joy and happiness.

The Tangible Benefits of Gratitude

Health – Research has proven that practicing correlation enhances our psychological and physical well-being, reduces stress, worry, fear, anxiety and also the conditions closely associated with these emotions like high blood pressure, depression, heart disease, and immune system deficiencies. Maybe you aren’t in the greatest physical form at this time, but you’ve got the opportunity and capability to improve that, beginning at the moment. My story is evidence of that. Be thankful for that.

Relationships – I adored what Joel Osteen stated in Darren Hardy’s interview . Our spouses usually meet only about 80 percent of our needs. Most people, however, concentrate on the 20% that is missing. Thus, they ultimately become unhappy and unfulfilled. Regrettably, many people will leave the connection to find that 20% in someone else. What they discover is that”new” individual will also meet only about 80% of their needs since well-they’re just different requirements and expectations from their last partner.

The secret is to concentrate on the 80 percent of what’s right, wonderful and beautiful about your partner and your relationship. Your positive outlook will change how you appreciate, socialize and encourage your partner, thereby garnering a much different response and engagement from them.

Wealth – Once you find the glass half-full versus half-empty, you will start to see the prosperity of water all round you. When you attune your mind to prosperity you will begin to create new thoughts, and find out the opportunity and potential all around you. Your positive outlook will change the way you walk, talk and socialize in the world. Other influential and resourceful”birds of a feather” may also see the commonality and wish to associate with you.

Gratitude is a choice. It may become a positive habit-but only with subject. With continued exercise and exercise, it will create more abundance, prosperity, well-being, joy and happiness than you ever thought possible.

One of my favorite inspirational speakers and private growth”guru,” Jim Rohn, teaches that best gift of all is the gift of personal development-so that is what I wish to pass on to you. The 1 book that’s had the most impact in my development over the past year has been Darren Hardy’s”The Compound Effect” This book and audio program teaches how achievement (or failure) in each area of life, including fitness, relies on the tiny things done differently over time.

In what ways are you going to express your gratitude over the next week?

What is your favorite gratitude clinic?

I’m here to assist you in attaining your objectives. You should simply reach out. Contact me and let us begin to create positive changes in your lifetime.

Deryl Williams Duer is a former faculty ministry and regulation enforcement officer who has transitioned his love for fitness, religion and freedom into a six-figure international company that now helps individuals live the life span of their dreams.

Deryl founded Freedom Through Fitness with his wife, Tracy, after stepping onto the edge of financial and physical ruin. Having undergone a complete turn-around, they are currently enthusiastic about offering hope and support to those that are frustrated with their current situation and desire to live a healthier, more productive lifestyle.

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