5 Surprising Food Rich in Fiber (Tasty and Healthy)

There are many processed food like breads, biscuits, and cereals that have been added with fiber. Unfortunately, this type of fiber is no the healthiest one. Some additional fiber and fiber supplement may affect your health in bad ways. Is there any food rich in fiber actually?

Here’s a good new: there are natural high-fiber food out there. See the list below to find the perfect high-fiber food for you.

The Delicious Coconut

Food Rich in Fiber

There are many products that contain coconut. It is highly popular in our society since it is refreshing and delicious. Well, the other reasons are:

  • Coconut is a good dish during a diet plan because it has low level glycemic index.
  • It also contains folate, selenium, manganese, and omega-6 fatty acids.
  • Those all components plays important role to keep your body healthy.

Coconut flour and grated coconut is good ingredients for your recipe. They give healthy natural fiber for your food. Replace other flour with coconut flour for your bake recipe.

Avocado for Fiber

Avocado is also included into one of food rich in fiber. However, the amount of fiber in avocado depends heavily on their types. The smooth-skinned with a bright green color avocado tends to have insoluble fiber rather than the darker and smaller avocado.

Beside the fiber, avocado also has healthy fat that help body reducing cholesterol and heart disease chance. Other notable nutrients inside avocado are vitamin E, vitamin K, folate, vitamin C, potassium, and vitamin B6.

The Dishes from Figs

Both dried and fresh figs are great options to get fiber. Figs are quite unique because they have balanced soluble and insoluble fiber. This condition cannot be found in other food.

Figs are also closely related to lower blood pressure and protect macular diseases. You can get the benefits of figs by consuming dried and fresh figs. If you don’t like the dried one you can put fresh figs on top of your salad, cereals, or others.

Asian Pears

Total dietary fibers that are contained by Asian pears are 9.9 grams for each 275 gram pear. This type of pears also consists of vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, omega-6 fatty acids.

Fruits are always good for your health. If you want to something crisp, delicious, and sweet then go for Asian pears. They can be found easily on the local store near your house.

Asian pears are also famous for their ability to keep your brain healthy. The omega-6 fatty acids that these pears contain are associated with nerve function.

The Black Beans

Few people know that black bean serves high fiber. It is also loaded with protein and complex carbohydrate that really support your muscle health. This is a perfect post-work out food option for you.

To serve black beans, you can mix it up with sweet potatoes and chipotle pepper. The addition ingredients will increase the fiber to the black beans.

Those are the summary for food rich in fiber suggestions. Several other options are still available and you can explore them freely. To add more nutrients, try to mix them all to make super healthy and tasteful meals.

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