Fabulous Minimalist Curtains Inspirations for Any Room

Window is an essential element for any room.

Not only does it complement your interior, glass window also lets natural light to brighten up your space.

Do you know that window also requires decoration?

When it comes to treatment for windows, minimalist curtains can be an appropriate choice especially if you employ minimalist concept for interior.

Window curtains are the best way to elevate the beauty of your windows.

Without too much effort, it will be able to bold and define the nuance you are bringing into the room.

At the time you have chosen minimalist concept, there is variety of curtain options to consider.

Keep scrolling and take a look at these window curtains ideas to blow your mind!

Minimalist Curtains Ideas to Copy

1. Scandinavian curtain in light gray

minimalist pattern curtains

Minimalist is always identical with neutral shade such as white, black, and gray.

In line with this concept, the following mini curtain with minimalist design looks great to complement any room, either living room, bedroom, or home office.

To create better effect, install curtain from the ceiling down to the floor.

This curtain will blend perfectly with minimalist interior inside the room.

2. Minimalist branch curtains in white

curtains for minimalist house

Do you have an interior with all-white nuance?

This window treatment is going to be a perfect complement for the room.

This white curtain comes in minimalist design with branch patterns.

That makes it elegant is white shade that allows it to bring your interior to the next level.

Combine with white furniture such as couch, coffee table, kursi and area rug with similar concept.

3. Modern-minimalist for kid’s room

minimalist shower curtains

Your kid’s room also deserves the best treatment.

To show your love, get this modern yet minimalist window curtain.

Coming in blue color scheme, the horizontal blind also offers cute elephant printing to make your kids happy while staying in the room.

The curtain that goes to the ceiling is also able to create visually larger feeling inside the tiny one.

4. Nordic curtains in sweet peach

minimalist home curtains

Living room is a place where you can show off the taste of interior designing.

When it comes to drapery for window, Nordic minimalist curtains are going to tell your guests how well your taste is.

The horizontal blind comes in sweet peach color, makes it a great addition for minimalist living room.

Do not forget to install minimalist table lamp and furniture.

5. Jacquard drapery for minimalist beachy living room

minimalist bedroom curtains

Bring the freshness of beach concept to your living room by having jacquard drapery.

Coming in blue-sea color scheme, this window treatment serves a perfect addition for summer interior revamping.

It works best for white wall paint and furniture in similar nuance.

The drapery suits best for your large glass windows in any room.

What are you waiting for? After finding inspiring ideas for minimalist window treatment, this is the time to do your own project.

At the time you need more inspirations, please feel free to visit the official website of freshome and grab as many ideas as you want.

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