Developing a Positive Online Presence for Career Seekers

The sphere of social media continues to grow and there is not any sign it is simply a passing fad. However, it does pose a challenge for people who are seeking a job and anybody who’s at a professional career. The use of social networking by a few people as involves sharing essential and nonessential data – from doing chores to going searching to that which was created for dinner. And for some people, they refuse to be involved whatsoever and for career seekers that isn’t a recommended strategy to use. Obviously the caveat is to understand how to be busy online and aware of your electronic footprint.

What is a Digital Footprint?

You are able to start to understand this concept by considering a footprint that you have left behind. Depending on the surface in which you have walked it might or might not last. At first it might not seem that this is relevant to career seeking through online resources. The term electronic refers to the internet environment and more especially, digital communication. To put it differently, it involves posting any form of words online. The”surface” of a digital footprint does not go away quickly as anything posted on the internet may be retained. If you leave a footprint it’s likely that what you have posted may be viewed by people you wanted to view it and those you didn’t. A digital footprint can have a helpful or damaging impact, depending on what has been posted through social networking websites.

Examining Your Present Digital Footprint

As a career seeker it’s important and possibly imperative that you examine what your general image is as a result of your digital footprint. Create a list of each of the places or websites online which you’re frequently engaged in. Then consider what you post and what your perceived picture could be. You may be amazed what the results are and just how extensive the list is. Now put yourself in the function of a potential employer – what exactly do they have access to see? What will the effect be to your candidacy when you have applied for a position with that company?

It’s likely that you may need damage control should you find links to pages or posts or sites you have discovered which are not ideal for your image or are offensive in general. You can start to remove and delete as many posts or comments as possible. You can also have to develop into a spin doctor if you will find posts you cannot delete and what has been written creates a negative perception about you. Start a plan for describing or acknowledging those articles so you can explain why greater conclusion wasn’t utilized.

The next step is to select a societal networking lockdown and disassociate yourself from some potentially damaging websites. It is important to do this because you want to take into account the long-term effect of everything you post. The final step is to edit your privacy preferences and this may surprise you. For example, what you state on Facebook might be read from the general public or friends of a friend, so make sure you keep your private life private and control what you say as well as the settings for what you post. If you cannot control privacy preferences then attempt to find alternative ways of communication.

Steps for Creating a Positive Image

#1. Consider what potential companies may see. This measure is crucial even when you aren’t actively engaged in social networking.

#2. Ascertain a social networking strategy. For every website used, develop a particular strategy that includes if you will post, what information you may share, and the organizations or groups you may associate together online.

#3. Clean up your online presence and eliminate any questionable photographs, opinions, or posts. Everything you post ought to always lend itself towards placing you in a beneficial and ethical light.

#4. As a career seeker, it is helpful to combine professional associations and classes. Develop an online resume through websites like LinkedIn. You might also make a blog that’s linked to your professional interests. Always make sure you communicate in a respectful manner rather than badmouth a prior employer. The main guideline is to demonstrate conscious awareness of your internet image.

The steps outlined above should never be considered as a one-time event. As a career seeker it’s very important that you control your footprint. What you may find is that the words you post represent you. If you’re very active with social networking websites these steps should be a continuous process. A negative or inadequate footprint might not always be completely erased but you can certainly turn it around. Check to find out if you can control privacy settings to the websites you frequent and determine what is appropriate to post online, in the words you have use to the photos you have shared.

Online opportunities for career seekers are abundant. You can show your interest in a profession by aligning with other professionals or teams and speak in a respectful way. Can a positive picture and finely tuned digital footprint guarantee improved job search results? The answer is no; nonetheless, it might probably be a factor on your search and also a negative existence can almost assuredly reevaluate your candidacy when applying for a job. As a rule of thumb, be in control and aware of what you say and where you post it. While it may seem that this is a strict control of exactly what it is you do online the point isn’t to limit you however to have you think of the image you portray and what companies may see.

Dr. Bruce A. Johnson has a lifelong passion of helping adults learn and providing advice with professional self-development throughout his work for a college professor, coach, career coach, and mentor. Dr. J provides resources that include resume writing along with a brand-new career training program, together with a monthly newsletter and weekly livelihood site.

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