Causes of Unconscious Cavities

Cavities are a condition that everyone wants to avoid. Because the cavities will greatly disrupt the activity, can even cause uncomfortable effects. Dental cavities initially do not cause pain and this is what makes patients unaware.

The condition of cavities is the process of softening tooth enamel and leads to damage to tooth structure. This is caused by acids that form when bacteria break down sugar in the mouth. If damage to tooth enamel is not immediately guarded, holes will appear and enlarge.

There are a number of factors that can damage your teeth at any time and make them hollow. Quoting from various sources, here are some causes of cavities that may not be realized.

1. Eat certain foods

Various types of food that can be attached to the teeth in a long time can be at risk for cavities such as sugar, honey, milk, soda, ice cream, cakes, candy, crisps, even to processed dried fruit. Eating food or drinks are more likely to cause cavities, rather than foods that are easily washed away by saliva.

2. Dry mouth

Dry mouth is caused by a lack of saliva which can help prevent tooth decay by cleaning food and plaque from the teeth. Substances stored in saliva are also known to be able to fight acids produced by bacteria.

A number of drugs, medical conditions or certain chemotherapy can increase the risk of cavities by reducing the amount of saliva production.

3. Dental hygiene

Dental health and hygiene also determine whether or not teeth are vulnerable to damage. Maintaining dental hygiene is a must to do so that the mouth remains fresh and does not emit a bad odor coz karang gigi. The possibility of food scraps and bacteria to make damage to the teeth will be reduced if dental hygiene is maintained.

4. Chew too often

Constantly chewing food or sipping a sweet drink can give mouth bacteria more energy to produce acids that can damage teeth. In addition, too much consumption of carbonated drinks throughout the day will only cause acids that continue to make teeth damaged and problematic.

5. Fluoride deficiency

Fluoride is a natural mineral that can help prevent the condition of cavities. The fluoride content is often found in common ingredients of a number of toothpaste and mouthwash products.

6. Genetic factors

Someone’s heredity is also believed to have a big influence on the condition of cavities. Just like the color of the skin, hair, or shape of the lips that is genetically influenced, dental health too. Genes have been shown to affect the strength of tooth enamel.

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