Fun Playing Clash of Clans Game

Clash of clans is a multi-player and single player video game that allows all players to have control of an army of troops which they use to outwit their opponent. Two players usually have the same resources and the aim is to outwit your opponent strategically in battle. Clash of clans is a strategy game and victory is achieved by superior planning and tactics. With a god like view of the game worlds, the players can control troops under their command. Apart from warfare and combat, the game challenges the players to manage an economy. The economy is the town hall, defense buildings and the number of currencies at your disposal. Gems, gold and elixir are the clash of clans currencies.

Understanding your troops

Troops: given that there is warfare on the clash of clans game, troops are prerequisite for every player. There are four divisions of troops namely, Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Dark Elixir troops and Heroes. Troops are used against goblins (for single players) or against other opponent players for multiple players. There are fifteen normal troops on the campaign map. In order to win trophies, gold and elixir, one has to successfully train troops and deploy them in battle. The winner has an opportunity to raid the vanquished opponent’s camp and leave at least 50percent of their resources. Ten troops require elixir and are trained in the normal Barracks the other five require dark elixir and are trained in the dark barracks. Hero troops are immortal and can only be trained once. Troops can be upgraded in the laboratory .As troops are upgraded they cost more in terms of elixir or dark elixir as the case may be. The laboratory charges a research fee of elixir or dark elixir to upgrade a unit. To speed up an upgrade the research fee is in terms of gems which can be bought using real money. If you are in need for free gems then you should some of the clash of clans hack.

Barracks are mainly where troops are trained using elixir. With each barrack upgrade, there is better training for the troop. However barracks cannot function when they are being upgraded. Strategically this should be considered when thinking of upgrading barracks. With gems you can instantly complete your troop training. After training the troops are stationed at army camps. Army camps: Troops are stationed here and they cannot disappear or die even if your community is destroyed. They do not defend the clan castle as long as they are in the camp. Army camps can be upgraded and even attacked in a raid but the troops do not perish. More stored troops mean better chances of victory at a raid.

Tier 1 troops (barbarians, archers and goblins) are weak but are powerful when moving in hordes. Mortar and Wizard towers can wipe them out in a single shot. Tier 2 troops (Wall breakers, wizards, giants and balloons) they are more powerful than tier one troops but not as strong as tier three troops. They are strong enough to survive several attacks because they excel at their specialty. Giants and Balloons take down defenses while wall breakers do as their name suggests. Tier 3 troops (healers) cost more in terms of elixir but also training time. They are powerful enough to wipe out a whole village since they aren’t vulnerable to mortar or wizard towers. In every game of warfare it is important to understand your troops because your defense is as strong as your army. In clash of clans the troops cost a substantial amount of resources so they should be well managed and utilized

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